PERFORMANCE 1982-2007 process

I have always been fascinated with the performance of art. Every artist throughout history has worked through a series of movements and rituals that has allowed them to create their works.

From a hand gesture to the posture of the body , all of these factors affect the way the paint is applied. Through film and analysing my own movemnts I have mangaged to record a body language of my own. These repeated movements form the basis of my current series of paintings.

Each starts the same way with no initial movement , I then began to perform each gesture in order, some take longer than others to complete, many have now become second nature. Through repeated action the gestures become stronger and feel more instinctive. This instinctive behaviour forces the paint to behave in a way that is then pre-meditated somewhere in the subconscience.

The performance of the paintings becomes as important as the final works as each action over time has its own set of consequences. Through repetition comes refinement which in turn leads to evolution.


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